KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little bit different!

As many of you are aware, this sheep operation is down to just one source of income, and one management decision maker now, and if you weren’t; you are now. Hopefully, I can get my job to transfer me back to my home farm, so I can rebuild, but until then the feed bill is killing me. I’ve made the decision to downsize the brood ewe flock, liquidate the stud ram pen, and sell off basically my entire lamb crop.

With these decisions, I have too many sheep to do a quality offering with just having one online sale with Weston and Cassidy in our online sale like we did last year. I want to do what I can to make sure that sale is a success, and essentially not flood the market. But, I don’t quite have enough sheep to make a quality offering in two online sales. So, I’ve asked a few friends who’ve supported my breeding program to consign a few head to this sale to help fill the voids.

And, so, I present to you, what hopefully will be the first of many KF-Acres and Friends Online sales. I’ve sorted through my sheep and tried to split what I had to offer during 2019 straight down the middle, equal chances in both online sales. I’ve helped hand pick some of the additional sheep to offer. I hope you find something you like in this offering, and nothing would make me happier than to be able to assist you with your purchases down the road.

2019 Online Sale Plans:

2 Online Sales during 2019!  April 10th and April 25th!  

Selling all remaining mature stud rams

Selling a select set of mature brood ewes (with cidrs and choice of matings)

Selling the entire fall and spring born ram lamb crop for 2019

Selling our best Fall ewe, Jan ewe, and Feb ewe-- plus more ewe lambs from both sets!  

Over 20 head to be offered between the 2 sales!

First Online Sale April 10 through https://wlivestock.com/auction/4907


Fall Ram Lamb

KF-Acres 1922 QR

10-29-18 SG

PENC 14-09 “Skipper” QR (Gunsmoke x Bauck 900)

THF 1402 QR (Payback x Taylor Made)

This little guy brings some awesome pieces to the table, and as a result I had him slated as my keeper buck from the start. His birthday really hurt him to the on-farm traffic this winter, as nobody even gave a glance his way… Fine by me... He was supposed to stay here anyways! Now, the interesting part, this is a double bred Bauck sheep, yes, that’s right- he’s got a double shot of colored Dorset in him- a Bauck 900 son, bred to a “Payback” daughter. I asked Darin what would happen if I made that mating, and he told me I’d get a ton of body and bone. And BOOM, there it is. This is a way good made sheep, super thick, way stout, extremely pretty—sounds like a modern-day Dorset doesn’t it? Short ears with a great hip! Now’s your chance at an extremely rare breeding piece! If you have a set of big hard doing Homestead type shallow gutted ewes, this is the answer!


Jan Ram Lamb

KF-Acres 1929 RR

1-8-19 SG

PENC 14-09 “Skipper” QR (Gunsmoke x Bauck 900)

KF-Acres 1618F RR (Beer Money x Chalk)

If you’re in the hunt for or want to make some wild patterned spotted up things, then jump on board. Hard core my top ewe line- the “Cabela’s”. Major pedigree sheep here for the pedigree junky! Gunsmoke, 900, Beer Money, Chalk Outline, Payback, Vanity, Mossy Oak and the list goes on and on… What more could you want as a who’s who on a stud ram? I was excited to bring “Skipper” into my stud ram lineup, and he didn’t disappoint with offspring. I was extremely anxious and happy with him mated back onto my “Cabela” line females. If this ewe ever produces an ewe lamb, it’s a keeper for sure. Just think, you’ll have the chance at already owning a half-brother when that happens! Last year his mother produced our lead fall ram lamb that sold online and made a big buzz in WI!


Jan Ram Lamb

KF-Acres 1923 RR

1-2-19 TW

PENC 14-75 “Hard Times” RR (Say What x Homestead)

Borcher 1603 QR (Travaille 1430 x Mossy Oak)

It pains me pretty hard to part with this guy, but it just doesn’t seem logical to keep him for my own show flock to hit one show this summer. My loss is your gain. This is a really extended, very extreme patterned guy, and he’s bred to be the same- a highly likely true changer ram. Poor the feed to him and watch him explode in that early class this summer and fall. One thing is certain, I won’t miss this pain in the butt, puppy dog tame thing when I’m messing around in the pen. He’s way too tame for my operation, so buy with confidence for peewee! I fell in love with the Travaille ram and wished I could have used him. I bought 3 daughters, and they are top notch. Last year this ewe raised 2 stud ram prospects- one living in OH, and the other southern IL. He stood 3rd at Louisville for his new owners.


Fall Ewe Lamb

KF-Acres 1913F RR

9-5-18 SG

KF-Acres 1600 “Camo Ammo” RR (Beer Money x Cabela)

KF-Acres 1633 “Pretty Penny” RR (Beer Money x Maggie)

I’m not going to tell you how good I think this one is, all I’m going to say is that in my 26 years of raising sheep, as I read in a Banner letter to the editor, I’ve kept the ‘untouchables’ for myself, every time. The good breeding pieces always stay, regardless of how good of a show sheep they appear to be on track to become. This one is a breeding piece, and a phenomenal show prospect. I’m now divorced, I have bills to pay, and I must do what I can to hang onto what I have.

It’s not every day that a sheep gets sold with two grandmas (“Cabela” and “Maggie”) who fetched a combined $7500 between the two and are the 2 of the highest selling females of the entire breed! I have $10k wrapped up in her 3 grandparents. Double bred “Beer Money”, which also means double bred “Gunsmoke” (actually 3x)- record selling ram? I’ll wager this is the most expensive pedigree’d sheep the breed has ever seen! I don’t know yet what she’s going to have to bring for me to let her get away, but I’m not going to give her away. Like I said, I need the money and I’ll miss this sheep.


Fall Ewe Lamb

KF-Acres 1903F RR

9-1-18 TW

BMF 17-11 “Warfare” RR (Cool Runnings/ Dirt Devil)

Borcher 5264 QR (Cabela Line)

I’ve loved this lamb from the day she came out. Really good made, flashy, complete and functional. Sheep built like this are the future of my breeding program. She’s not the biggest in the pen, and I don’t expect her to grow into the biggest yearling ewe in anyone’s barn; but I think she’ll be hard to rival sheared off naked. Her dam has done an excellent job for us, including producing the mom of our lead fall ram lamb of this crop, and our online sale Jan ewe lamb last year (finished 5th in the futurity for Mikara Anderson, and was champion ewe of the PA Farm Show Jr. Show). This “Warfare” mating was her best yet! Her twin sold this spring to Jacey Cook as her future stud ram!


KF-Acres 1908F RR

10-20-18 S

KF-Acres 1630 “Head Games” RR (Beer Money x MJ)

White Columbia (Troxel/ Rench/ Taylor)

This ewe lamb is super young (I mistagged her, so her number isn’t in order like the rest, and I just didn’t feel like changing it), and I think she’s going to be a true sleeper of the 2019 options to buy. She’s a pretty, truly outcross pedigree here in this jet black, being dammed by a Columbia ewe; a Troxel/ Rench daughter from the Todd Taylor flock. Sire is a flush ram we raised from “MJ”, the highest selling ewe of the Gehring Dispersal. He’s a maternal brother to “Smokin Gun”, who’s proven himself as an outstanding sire of daughters that produce! “Head Games” is now standing stud for Gordon Sammons, after siring a great set for Steve Bingen. If you want to see what a “Head Games” daughter will grow into, take a look at the 1730 brood ewe I’m offering in this sale, and if you want to see what they can produce, ask for a photo of her daughter selling in my next sale!



BMF 17-11 “Warfare” RR

2-16-17 TR

PENC 15-01 “Cool Runnings” (Gunsmoke x Storm Ewe)

BMF 15-08 (Dirt Devil)

I wanted to offer up this stud ram in the 1st sale in case someone wanted to breed with him for early Sept lambs, so here he is. If he’s still around, I’ll be turning him in with a group of ewes myself. This is a proven stud ram now, and his offspring in my 2 online sales and Eaton help prove that case. I think everyone will really appreciate these falls born daughters, as they are flawlessly made, and I have a pimp of a Jan. ram lamb from him too. He’s a big buck, likely one of the biggest colored rams we’ve ever had. “Warfare” had a very successful show career- standing 2nd at L’ville as lamb, won his class and Grand Champion Ram as a yearling at Illinois State Fair, and lastly won his class at L’ville this fall too. I’ve used this ram hard, and really appreciate the lambs he has sired, but with my new life move and less brood ewes, I need fewer rams running around.


Brood Ewe

Wolf 14-19 “Chalk Outline” QR

10-23-13 TW

Wolf “Chrome” (Payback/ Homestead)

Borcher “Vanity” (Mossy Oak x Homestead)

This has been a stud ewe for us, after we bought her at the MWSRS for $2500 as a fall ewe lamb after standing in the top 5 for the Supreme drive. She’s produced 3 daughters and 2 sons that are standing here, and another daughter that I sold online last year to Shell’s in Ohio. It pains me to part with this ewe, but I need the money, and I need to reduce my feed bill. This is a sheep that still has a ton of life left and can go somewhere and really make an impact into a program. Make her a donor!

Disclaimer: She milks from both sides, but due to a previous mastitis bout, she only milks partly from both sides. I would say she milks about like a half bagger.


Brood Ewe

THF 1603 QQ

12-16-15 TW

THF 1502 (PENC Fancy Fred)

THF 1005 (Taylor Made/ Waddington)

Champion ewe as a lamb at WI State Fair under Tor. Been a producer for us. Really love the body style of this ewe, phenomenally correct, awesome topline, great hip, good feet and legs. This is a maternal sister to the ewe that PENC had who produced those two high selling fall ewe lambs last year. This is the type of female to lay down year after year and crank out a good one- the kind we all like to have-- $$ generators! She has been cidr’d, and the buyer will be able to choose the ram of their choice to mate her too after the sale. Don’t let the QQ scare you, mate her the right way every year and save yourself $11 per lamb. Twin lambs over 10 years adds up!


Brood Ewe

Bingen 1730 QR+

2-16-17 SG

KF-Acres 1630 “Head Games” RR (Beer Money x MJ)

MB 2-29 QR (Homestead Whiplash)

This ewe has really been outstanding for us with last year’s two selling to TN, and her ewe lamb this year will sell in our next online sale! She’s the fancy spotted up ewe lamb everyone has been asking about- so watch for her! Recognize the dam’s tag number? 2-29 is the ewe that Wolf bought from OH sale back a few years ago from Bob McDaniel, and at the time set the record for the highest selling female of the breed! Again, this ewe is wearing a cidr, and can be mated to the ram of your choice after the sale. Personally, I think the “Chalk” son would be a homerun! I’m not sure if she has ever been blood tested, so I’m selling her as QR+.

Plus yearling ewes from Borcher and Gann

January ewe lambs from Borcher and Gann

and a February ewe lamb from Marla Shell

Thanks to our buyers from the following 25 states and Canada...