KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little bit different!

2020 Holds 4 online sales, two for each breed.  

We hope to add an earlier piebald Club Lamb sale about Valentine's day 2021 to the schedule for next year!  Hopefully we can get some fall lambs on the ground and get them offered up in style for you consideration!  

(Club Lamb) "A splash of color, buy yourself a piebald- Online Sale- March 23, 2020  https://wlivestock.com/auction/7710  

(Fitted sheep) KF-Acres and Friends Online Sale- April 8, 2020   https://wlivestock.com/auction/7622

(Fitted Sheep) Borcher Sheep Co. and KF-Acres Production Sale- April 23, 2020   https://wlivestock.com/auction/7623  

(Club Lamb) "You pick the buck- online Piebald Sale"- Sept. 1, 2020  https://wlivestock.com/auction/8709

Thanks to our buyers from the following 29 states and Canada...