KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little bit different!

2014 First Place Flock Ohio State Fair Natural Colored Show, all owned and shown by KF-Acres

KF-Acres Natural Coloreds

This entire operation pretty much traces back to two Homestead ewes, which are the founding members of what we affectionately call our "Cabela" line.  This ewe line has had success for anyone who has purchased into it, but in current day format, the shear most number of these females in any single operation, reside here.  I'm guessing about 85% of our flock females are direct descendants of this ewe line on the bottom side of their pedigree, and now a days most are getting a double shot.

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KF-Acres 1913F "Splash"---  Current Record Selling Female of the Natural Colored Breed at $4900! Sold in our 2018 Production Sale!

Sired by "Camo Ammo"- a top son of "Cabela", the previous Record Selling female of the breed at $3500, and sired by "Beer Money"- a "Gunsmoke" son- the Record Selling Ram at $5700.
"Splash" is dammed by "Pretty Penny", another offspring of "Beer Money", but dammed by "Maggie", yet again a previous record selling female of the breed at $4000!