KF-Acres Sheep Farm

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Fleece breeds available!  

Fine: Merino & Rambouillet
Medium: Columbia, & Corriedale

  • Natural Colored Merino
    Natural Colored Merino
  • Natural Colored Columbia
    Natural Colored Columbia
  • Natural Colored Rambouillet
    Natural Colored Rambouillet
Natural Colored Merino
Natural Colored Merino

All fleeces of handspinner length, whether colored or white are priced at:

Merino- $10-30 ($15 average);

Corriedale, Columbia, Rambouillet, and their crosses- $5-15 ($10 average)

Excessively dirty, and short staple fleeces are priced accordingly at $2-5 per pound.

Skirtings are priced at $1. per pound.

All Fleeces sell as whole, half, or in 3 pound minimum; raw, and will need washed to your liking.

All fleeces have been skirted of head, neck, belly, and dirty britch wool. 

All fleeces have vegetable matter present as they are raised unblanketed in a farm flock setting.  *IF YOU DEMAND EXTREMELY CLEAN, PLEASE MOVE ON TO SOMEONE SELLING MORE EXPENSIVE FLEECES!

All fleeces have been sheared by a professional to minimize second cuts.

All fleeces are weighed using a pounds & ounce hanging scale- and rounded down to the nearest half pound for market weight.

Fleece quality is something we take pride in, without sacrificing animal welfare. 

Current return policy: If you have an issue with a fleece not meeting my description and your expectations, you will ship the fleece back to me, and upon receipt of my fleece I will inspect, and refund all or part of the purchase price depending on how much of my fleece is returned.  No shipping charges will be refunded, this will be used to compensate me for shipping supplies used, as well as wasted time in me boxing up the fleeces and delivering to the Post Office.  No orders totaling less than $50 will be refunded.  This policy is non-negotiable!