KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little bit different!

Borcher Sheep Co. & KF-Acres Online Production Sale ~ April 26th, 2018.

No sheep will be sold off the farm prior to the online sale for KF-Acres!  
No sheep will be consigned to any other public auction during 2018 for KF-Acres.
Expect an open house the weekend prior to the online sale for those who wish to visit and view!

Expect to see yearling ewes, fall ewe lambs, and likely a spring ewe lamb or 2 from both operations, as well as a select pair of stud ram candidates!

RR October triplet sisters slated to sell online April 26! 
Sired by "Monkey Rench" and dammed by the $4000 record selling Natural Colored ewe, "Maggie"!

(left) Yearling ewe candidate for the online sale April 26!
Sired by Wolf "Midnight Gambler", dammed by "Chalk Outline", maternal sister to "Cabela"
With having basically a non-existant spring ewe lamb crop we're forced to dig into the yearling ewe pen!  Will sell with a cidr to the ram of your choice!

(right) RR September stud ram candidate for the online sale April 26!
Sired by "Pigpen", and dammed by a "Chalk"/ "Beer Money" daughter.  This is the very first double bred "Cabela" line sheep made, and offered for sale!  Wild COLOR!

Thanks to our buyers from the following 24 states and Canada...