KF-Acres Sheep Farm

Just a little bit different!

KF-Acres 1641 RR, bred yearling ewe- consigned to Illini Bred Ewe Sale (Thanksgiving weekend)

KF-Acres 1641 RR 3-8-16 Twin
Sired by Wolf "Beer Money", 2014 Champion Ram Louisville

Dammed by KF-Acres 1502F (Midnight Gambler daughter)

Bred to either KF-Acres 1631 "Pigpen" RR (early)/ PENC 16-75 "Hard TIme" RR (late)

Sells Thanksgiving weekend at the Illini Bred Ewe Sale, Bloomington, Illinois.  

For Sale off the farm privately:  "Big Spice" and "Little Spice", dams of:
*Grand Champion Ewe/ Highest selling sheep overall of the 2016 Springfield Illinois NC Sale
*National Champion Futurity Ewe for 2016
*Grand Champion NC Ewe/ Highest selling sheep of the 2017 Illini Spring Sale
*Reserve Champion NC Ram, 2nd highest selling ram of the 2017 Illini Spring Sale
*1st place Feb, highest selling spring ewe lamb of 2017 Big Ohio Sale
These 2 ewes produced 4 lambs in 2017, generating almost $3000 in those sales!

It's time for these 2 ewes to go into someone else's flock and make a impact.  Inquire today about them and more!

Thanks to our buyers from the following 24 states and Canada...