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2014 First Place Flock Ohio State Fair Natural Colored Show, all owned and shown by KF-Acres

KF-Acres Natural Coloreds, Columbias, and Rambouillets

 In 2012 we had been raising Oxfords for 12 years, and had worked up to 75 brood ewes.  We quickly began to realize that many ewes was just too much for a single breeder to handle in that particular breed- taking everything into consideration.  As a result, we became quite complacent, and really to be honest- began losing the drive it took to continue onward.  We knew something, or several things needed to change.  After making the decision to drastically reduce the number of Oxfords around here, we caught notice of these multicolored black and white sheep- and they sounded intriguing.  We spent the next several months doing some research, and finally that fall took a leap of faith and invested in our first true Natural Coloreds.  We had produced a few colored Oxfords over the years, and that helped to further spark this interest. 

We lambed out just 5 colored ewe lambs that next spring- and really got hooked.  The option of being able to utilize whatever genetics could be found, from whatever breed- which in the long run will maximize hybrid vigor- was a leading bullet point towards these coloreds.  The anticipation at lambing time with regards to color variation came in a close 2nd on that list of positives.  During the following year, the Oxford numbers continued to decline, and the coloreds increased steadily with purchases. 

When we decided to get into the coloreds, the goal was to buy the best 5 females we could find, no matter what the cost was associated with them.  That mission was basically accomplished, and then continued on with the purchases of several more sheep we thought were very workable.  As a result, the current record selling female of the breed resides here, as does the previous two record holders!  The basis of our flock remains under the two Homestead ewes pictured directly below!

In the meantime, our Oxford flock has been completely dispersed, and we have added purebred Columbias and Rambouillets.. 

Speaking of fleeces, having this new breed, has opened up the doors for us with regards to that hand spinner market.  We’ve really taken a liking to having another avenue to income potential, and enjoyment! 

Feel free to browse below and on the other pages to keep tabs on what we have going on around here!

"Cabela" with her first offspring, "Untouchable"

Left: Homestead Farms 09-832 QR                      Right: Homestead Farms 09-833 RR

When we got into this colored deal, "Cabela" was a destination purchase, and then we realized what a smooth move that was, and decided to continue purchasing females from this line as we felt confident in their ability to perform.  We then purchased "Cabela's" baby sister, and all of the maternal sisters to their mother!  With the later purchase of a few more females descending from these 2 females, and then the 09-833 ewe herself; we've continued on this quest to build a flock around these two females, and this ONE ewe line.  In two short years, we've raised a few really good females from these purchases- including "Untouchable"-our Supreme Overall Breeds at WI Sheep/ Wool Fest, and "Medusa"- our undefeated fall ewe lamb of 2016.  Today, approximately 60% of our brood ewe flock is a direct result of these two Homestead ewes that Borcher Sheep Co. purchased.  This ewe line has flourished for Borcher's and Wolf's- by generating several sale toppers, and high sellers in the breed, it's now branched out to many other breeders and will continue to produce sheep that are in demand.  We're grateful for the ability to purchase nearly this entire ewe line, and anxious to see what the future holds for them!  

2016 Illinois State Fair Flock Picture

2016 Kentucky State Fair Show Flock

2015 Ohio State Fair Show Flock

2017 1st Place Flock Illinois State Fair & Premier Exhibitor

included: 1st yearling ram, 1st early yearling ewe, 1st late junior ewe lamb, Reserve Champion ram and Ewe

1st pair of ram lambs, ewe lambs, yearling ewes, and flock

Foundation Ewes!

2016 Summer Show Results:

Illinois State Fair
1st fall ram lamb with 1621F
2nd early junior ram lamb with 1600

2nd and 4th late junior ram lamb with 1631 and 1632

1st pair of ram lambs

3rd yearling ewe class 1 with 1514

3rd yearling ewe class 2 with Borcher 5264

3rd pair of yearling ewes

1st and 4th fall ewe lambs with 1617F and 1618F

2nd early ewe lamb with 1627

2nd and 4th late ewe lamb with 1641 and 1633

1st pair of ewe lambs

3rd flock

Premier Exhibitor (Top 8 head)

4th early ewe lamb Columbia show

2nd Rambouillet yearling ewe

Kentucky State Fair

1st yearling ram with Leaf 62057 (Best Fleece)

2nd fall ram with 1621F (Best Fleece)

2nd and 3rd early ram lambs with 1600 (Best Fleece)and PSF 1612

1st and 2nd late ram lambs with 1631 and 1632 (Best Fleece)

1st pair of ram lambs

Best overall fleece ram on 1600

3rd and 4th yearling ewes with 1514 and Borcher 5264

2nd pair of yearling ewes

1st and 5th fall ewe lambs with 1617F (Best Fleece) and 1618F

1st and 4th early ewe lambs with Borcher 6059 (Best Fleece) and Leaf 1555

2nd and 4th late ewe lambs with 1641 and 1633

Best overall fleece ewe on Borcher 6059

1st pair of ewe lambs

2nd flock

Premier Exhibitor

1st early ewe lamb Columbia Show

Reserve Champion Columbia ewe

2nd Rambouillet yearling ewe

WI Sheep and Wool Fest

1st yearling ram with Leaf 62057

1st fall ram with 1621F

1st and 2nd late ram lambs with 1632 and 1631

Champion Ram on Leaf 62057

Reserve Champion Ram on 1632

1st and 2nd yearling ewes with 1514 and Borcher 5264

1st and 3rd fall ewe lambs with 1617F and 1618F

1st Jan ewe lamb with 1627

1st and 2nd March ewe lambs with 1641 and 1633

1st flock

Champion ewe on 1514

Reserve Champion ewe on 1617F

Supreme Champion ewe overall breeds with "Untouchable"

Top 4 finalist for Supreme Ram overall breeds with Leaf 62057

2nd January ewe lamb Columbia show

1st Rambouillet yearling ewe

Champion Rambouillet ewe

2017 Illinois State Fair Results (only show of 2017)
Natural Colored

1st yearling ram on 1631
2nd fall ram on PENC "Hard Time"

2nd early ram lamb on 1716

2nd late ram lamb on BMF "WarFare"

2nd pair of ram lambs

Reserve Champion Ram on 1631

Reserve Champion LOL Ram on 1631

1st early yearling ewe on 1633

3rd late yearling ewe on 1624

1st pair of yearling ewes

1st pair of yearling ewes

2nd fall ewe lamb on Wolf 17-12

3rd early junior ewe lamb on 1718

1st late junior ewe lamb on "Angel Eyes", 1728

1st pair of ewe lambs

1st flock

Reserve Champion ewe on "Angel Eyes" 1728

Reserve Champion LOL ewe on "Angel Eyes" 1728

Rambouillet Show

3rd and 4th fall ram lambs

1st and 3rd early ram lambs

2nd and 4th late ram lambs

2nd pair of ram lambs

Champion and Reserve LOL rams

1st early yearling ewe

2nd late yearling ewe

1st pair of yearling ewes

3rd and 4th fall ewe lambs

2nd and 4th early ewe lambs

2nd and 4th late ewe lambs

2nd pair of ewe lambs

2nd best 4 head

2nd flock

Champion and Reserve LOL Ewes

Columbia Show

2nd and 4th spring ram lambs

2nd pair of ram lambs

4th and 7th yearling ewes

3rd pair of yearling ewes

4th fall ewe lamb

2nd early junior ewe lamb

1st late junior ewe lamb

2nd pair of ewe lambs

2nd flock

2nd best 4 head